Thesis Project. May. 2009

This project discovers the thoughts of people in three different generations: 20's-30's, 40's-50's and 60's-70's. This book uncovers these thought-provoking questions.

"Discovery" packaging set 

Assemble thoughts and experiences 

Completed packages from people 

Book documentation of the project 

Icons of the three generations:: 20's-30's, 40's-50's and 60's-70's

My personal discovery 

What does it mean to you?
Nobody can teach me who I am: What does it mean to you?

when grew up? why?
What did you want to be: when grew up? why?

What're three "NO-NOS" in your life 

what would it be?
If you could ask god one question: what would it be?

Did you have any major events? 

Nobody can teach me who I am: Therefore...